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9 April 1990
About Me

Hello! This is Haku speaking. Seems like I've converted this into my personal journal, so that means you'll have to friend me to see most posts, and get sorted into a category. It may prove useful to read some journal entries, as it may let you understand some small details in a few of my stories. Like my way of thinking. ^^; I'm cryptic like that.

I used to be in some Rps, but they all seemed to have died... i'd like to RP again, though, preferably AU-RPs. The out of the ordinary Yakuza/Vampire-werewolf/Highschool/Geisha/Asylum/Post-Apocalyptic, if possible. Yes, there is a world outside those and non-AU RPs. X3

I'm usually caught up in real life now, school namely. I'm not too prone to updating here, but I'm on twitter, AIM, and MSN a whole lot, so feel free to poke me there.

Well, enough chat. I'd better get loading.

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Yep, that's it for now... o.o no such thing as short writing projects, it seems... XD

Quick Update; 08/12/09

I'm working on:
1) College/school
2) Jrock @ AN
3) Masquerade/writing/RPs

Their level of importance may switch a little, depending on my mood and what I have patience for... XD; It's like an endless waltz in my head, really.

50 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETE